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Sutton Manor Colliery
Sutton Manor Colliery 1990
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The colliery was located in the village of Sutton Manor just to the south of St. Helens. The sinking of the shaft started in 1906 and they reached the depth of the Wigan seam at 1823 feet by 1910. No 1 shaft was 18 feet diameter and No 2 was 22 feet.

In 1912 No 2 shaft was then deepened to the Arley seam at 2343 feet, but at a reduced diameter of 18 feet.

During the colliery reorganisation from 1952, No 1 shaft was deepened to the Arley seam and No 2 shaft was sunk another 183 feet to fit new winding equipment.

In 1968 coal production at No 1 shaft ceased with the subsequent reduction in the workforce of 1400 men, although the shaft was still used for ventilation. Work concentrated on No 2 shaft where more economic faces were being worked.

In 1973 a major development took place which involved the driving of two 1150 yard underground roadways through a major geological fault to open up new seams. Improvements were made to underground man-riding, conveying and control systems at this time. Another major redevelopment too place in 1985.

The coal produced was sold to local power stations as well as for domestic use. Methane gas was also produced and sold to the ICI chemical works at Widnes via a 5 mile long pipeline. The gas supplied half of the energy requirements at this site and was equivalent to over 3,000,000 gallons of oil.

The colliery finally closed in 1991.

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