NAMHO Conference

Announcement Date: July 25, 2014

INDOOR WITH FIELD TRIPS – The theme was “Mining Technology: Technical Innovation in the Extractive Industries”. There were 16 lectures covering subjects ranging from “Mechanisation on the coal face” to “Precipitation Pools on Mynydd Parys”, dates ranging from “Prehistoric Mining Technology” to “Metalliferous Mineral Exploration in North Wales since 1964” and locations from Devon, Cornwall up to Tyndrum in Perthshire, with a good focus on Wales. During the breaks between lectures delegates could visit the displays set up by researchers, clubs and organisations such as I.A. Recordings, Moore Books and Starless River.

As an alternative to the lecture programme there were a variety of fieldtrips arranged within a 60 mile radius of the University. The 26 underground visits to 11 areas ranged from photographic visits, exploration using Single Rope Techniques, to the classic Mona – Parys Through-Trip which includes wading chest or neck-deep in water with an “interesting” chemistry and biology. Two surface tours were offered, along with seven Do-It-Yourself visits mainly to the local mining and quarrying visitor attractions.