1. The Society shall be called the Northern Mine Research Society, hereinafter referred to as “the Society”.
  2. The aims of the Society shall be to advance the education of the public in, and encourage the study of, all historical and technical aspects of mining and associated subjects.
  3. The Society shall publish its findings for general issue at least once per year.
  4. The income and property of the Society shall be applied solely to the pursuance of the aims of the Society as set forth in this constitution.
  5. Membership of the Society is open to all those interested in furthering its expressed aims.
    Applications for membership of the Society shall be made on the official society membership application form.
  6. The Committee reserves the right to refuse an application without giving a reason.
  7. A person may apply for membership in one of the following, categories:
    1 FULL Normally aged 18 years or over. Minors may be accepted, with written parental approval, at the Committee’s discretion.
    2 OVERSEAS Aged 18 years or over, and living outside the UK and Ireland.
  8. The Committee shall advise any General Meeting of proposed changes in subscription rates.
  9. Members are entitled, except where otherwise stated in this constitution, to vote at General Meetings, to make application to use Society equipment, to receive one copy of each Secretarial notice. Also one copy of each publication shall normally be provided from the Annual Subscription, except at the Committee’s discretion for reprinted or specially funded works. These said works shall, however, be offered for sale to members at preferential rates.
  10. Members shall keep the aims of the Society in mind, at all times, and any work done in its name shall be executed in a responsible manner.
  11. A leader shall be appointed for each of the Society’s field meetings, both above and below ground.
  12. Any member failing to comply with a leader’s reasonable request shall be reported to the next Committee Meeting.
  13. Any member not behaving in a responsible manner shall be liable for expulsion from the Society. Membership shall cease if, at a General Meeting of the Society, of which the member shall have twenty one days’ clear notice, and at which the member shall have been given the opportunity of being heard, a resolution on which a ballot shall be taken, agrees that it is against the Society’s interests that such membership be continued.
  14. Subscriptions are due on the 1st of January, having received a reminder, those members whose subscriptions remain unpaid by April 1st, shall cease to be members and have their names removed from the membership list.
  15. On the recommendation of the Committee, Honorary Members may be elected by a majority vote at a General Meeting, adequate notice having been given to all voting members. Honorary Members need not already be a Society Member, and shall have all the rights and privileges of Full Membership.
  16. The Society officers shall be, a President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Recorder, Librarian, Public Relations Officer and up to three other Committee members. They shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, and shall form the Committee. All Officers, at their discretion, may appoint such assistants, as are required, for fulfilment of their office.
  17. Nominations for the election of Officers, must be sent in writing, with a proposer and seconder, to the Secretary, at least twenty eight clear days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  18. The management of the Society shall be conducted by the Committee, three shall make a quorum. Full minutes, of all such meetings shall be taken and brought before the next General Meeting.
  19. The Committee shall have the power to co opt any person of special knowledge.
  20. The Committee shall have power to deal with any matter that is not covered by this Constitution.
  21. The Committee shall not jeopardise the solvency of the Society by incurring potential and foreseeable debts on behalf of the Society.
  22. The Society shall maintain all financial accounts in its name. All cheques drawn on those accounts shall be signed by two of the designated officers.
  23. The Editor shall be responsible for the whole of the finance, production and sale of the Society publications with which he is concerned.
  24. The Treasurer and Editor shall keep proper accounts and submit them, after auditing to the Annual General Meeting.
  25. The Society shall appoint an independent auditor.
  26. General Meetings shall be held twice each year. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the first third of the year.
  27. A General Meeting shall consist of at least three officers and six voting members of the Society.
  28. Officers shall submit written reports to all General Meetings.
  29. Alterations to this Constitution shall normally be made at an Annual General Meeting. Proposed amendments must be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary, not less than twenty eight clear days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall give fourteen clear days notice of such proposed amendments. No alteration shall be made which shall cause the body to cease to be a Charity at law.
  30. An Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Society may be called by 20 voting members, giving the Secretary written notice of the proposal and including details of the proposer, seconder and the requisite number of petitioners. The Secretary shall fix the date of the meeting, which must be held within three months of the date of receipt of the said proposal, and give at least fourteen clear days’ notice to members. An Extra Ordinary General Meeting shall have the same powers as an Annual General Meeting.
  31. The Society shall not be dissolved or terminated, except at an Extra Ordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. Any property remaining after the satisfaction of all proper debts and liabilities shall not be distributed among the members, but shall be given to such similar charity or charitable purpose as the meeting, subject to the approval of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, shall decide.

Modified October 2022