North Levant and Geevor Mines

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Or: North Levant and Geevor Ltd. North Levant and Wheal Geevor.
See also: Geevor Mine. West Australian Goldfields Ltd

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  • Terence John Walsh says:

    I am trying to get some details of the Grandfather of a close friend who was killed in an accident in the Geevor/Levant Mine. His name was Thomas Semmet and he did not die in the 1919 disaster as his daughter was born in 1921 so the dates do not match. He survived WW1 and returned to the mine after the war. As far as I am aware he lived in Pendeen until his death and his family had to vacate the cottage they lived in and move to Penzance, this would suggest that the cottage was owned by the mine and was tied to the job.

    Any other information would be greatly appreciated.


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