CORPSHILL or Corporal Pit. Whitehaven, Cumberland, 5th. August, 1737.

The Colliery was the property of Sir James Lowther and an explosion of gas claimed twenty-two lives.

The following, all listed as colliers, were buried 6th August 1737 at St. Nicholas:

  • James Page.
  • Thomas Westray.
  • John Salkeld.
  • David Gordon.
  • John Harrison.
  • Johnathan Smith.
  • William McMullen.
  • Robert Benn.
  • Andrew Warlock.
  • John White.
  • James Copeland.
  • Richard Troutbeck.
  • George Dixon.
  • Abraham Watson.
  • Elizabeth Moor.
  • Arthur Graham buried on the 7th.

Buried at Holy Trinity, 6th August were the following colliers:

  • Timothy Robinson.
  • John Ridley.
  • William Gamel.
  • John Dixon.
  • William McMullen.
  • John Gordon.

These probably the victims of the disaster.

In a pay bill dated August 1737 the following entry was made:

5th. Friday. Firedamp killed 33 at 4 o’clock in ye M

There was also an item of £8 -3s.-10d. for “searching for and taking up the dead and three horses, mending thirlings, etc. after the Great Fire Damp.”  Sir James immediately ordered £100 to be distributed to the families of the twenty-two victims.


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Information supplied by Ian Winstanley and the Coal Mining History Resource Centre.

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