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The Cheshire & Lancashire coalfield dips steeply southwards into Cheshire, but coal working was restricted to the Pennine fringe and Neston, on the Wirral, because elsewhere it was too deep, being covered by Permian and Triassic strata.

Coal has been mined here from a very early date; the oldest record is a lease dated 28 February 1589 which includes “Coal pit at Wourthe lately occupied by George Finche”

A history of the mines around Poynton area has been published.

Special Rules of some of the Lancashire, Cheshire & North Wales Collieries 1855.

Shercliff, W.H., Kitching, D.A. & Ryan, J.M. Poynton A Coalmining Village; social history, transport and industry 1700-1939 (W.H. Shercliff, 1983).
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