This colliery, at Nook, was 320 metres east of Shaw & Crompton Station. Its shaft was 116 metres deep to the Lower Mountain Mine. The colliery, which had its own bank of coke ovens and kilns, was linked to the L.&Y.R’s Oldham and Rochdale Branch by a short spur line.

It was already at work in 1854, when it was owned by the Executors of Charles Taylor. They sold out to Samuel Wild & Co. who had it between 1855 and 1860. By 1865 it was in the hands of the Oldham, Middleton & Rochdale Colliery Co. Ltd, which worked it until closure in 1903.

The colliery employed an average of 134 underground and 21 on the surface, between 1895 and 1901. It also had a number of fatal accidents caused by small gas explosions, falls of roof, and haulages.


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