Low Side (Pre1854-1890)
William Wrigley worked Low Side from 1854 to 1861. Its shaft was 150 metres deep and gave access to the Upper Bent and Blendfire Mines. Wrigley was followed by John G. Blackburne between 1863 and 1875, and John Ashworth in 1880. The colliery was not worked for part of the 1880s, but in 1890 it was owned by Henry & Joseph Holland. Its site was later occupied by Lowside Brickworks.

Lowside (1915-1935)
This was a small drift around 110 metres north-west of the earlier Low Side Colliery. It was opened by R. & E. Buckley around 1915 and worked the Higher, Bent, Great, Little and Big Mines until 1935.


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