LOCATION Coppull, approx. 1 mile W. of LNWR West Coast Main Line and ¾ mile S. of Coppull station.
Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. Ltd 1891 – 1930
Wigan Coal Corporation 1930 – 1946
National Coal Board 1957 – 1967
Chisnall Hall Colliery undergoing reconstruction 1949-50 Used with kind permission from Ted McAvoy

Chisnall Hall Colliery undergoing reconstruction 1949-50
Used with kind permission from Ted McAvoy

Sinking commenced June 1891
No.1 Pit (Upcast) – 17 feet diameter sunk to 475 yards. Arley Mine intersected at 467 yards.
No.2 Pit (Downcast) – 17 feet diameter to 1000 feet, then reduced to 14 feet diameter, to shaft bottom at 1403 feet below surface.

No.1 Pit – Twin cylinder horizontal engine by Walker Bros., 36 inches x 72 inches Cornish valves with automatic cut-off gear. Parallel drum 24 feet diameter by 8 feet wide, steam reversing gear. Winding depth subsequently brought up to Smith Mine horizon at 396½ yards below surface (winding depth to bank 1214 feet). Shaft filled up below Smith Mine.
No.2 Pit – Twin cylinder horizontal engine by Wood & Gee, Barley Brook Foundry, Wigan, 1893, Nos. 438/9. 30 inches x 60 inches. Winding depth later brought up to 726 feet below surface (winding depth to bank 745.63 feet)

Originally in timber, later replaced by steel RSJ structures. No.1 Pit changed over in 1951.

Sinking pumps – Two Tangye pumps slung in No.1 shaft kept this and No.2 Pit dry.
Permanent lodgement made at 76 yard level (Wigan Four Feet). Tangye pump installed 14 inches x 24 inches x 8 inches ram (double acting), plus reserve Tangye pump 18 inches x 30 inches x 10 inches ram (double acting) Tangye pump located at 130 yards, 12 inches x 24 inches x 8 inches d/a ram, pumping to surface.
Steam pump by Slee & Co., Earlestown, installed at 193 yards from surface, cylinders 26 inches, exhaust to condenser, 10 inches double acting rams.
Replacement electric pumps – three-stage centrifugal at Wigan Four Feet lodge, Mather & Platt, 51hp, 1465rpm., 390gpm., at 270 feet head.
At 193 yard lodge – Mather & Platt centrifugal multi-stage pump, 320hp., 1300gpm. at 580 feet head. King Mine – 35hp. three-throw ram pump 140gpm. pumping to 193 yard lodge.

Walker “Indestructible” fan (Works No.8232 of 12-4-98) 22 feet x 8 feet, fan pulley 8 feet diameter, 10 – 1¾ inches ropes.
Cross-compound engine 19 inches + 32 inches x 42 inches, cut-off slide valves on high pressure and low pressure cylinders, vertical condenser and air pump, 16 feet diameter flywheel. Steam 80psi. at stop valve, 100psi. at boilers.

Compressed Air
Walker Bros. No.8922 (25-7-99) cross-compound engine, 24 inches + 40 inches x 42 inches, single stage air cylinders 24 inches x 42 inches.

Initial boiler plant installed during sinking comprised two Lancashire boilers 8 feet x 30 feet, made by Heaton & Son, Holt Town, Manchester. Working pressure 100psi.

Seams Worked (1954)
Wigan Five Feet, Wigan Four Feet, Trencherbone (Wigan Six Feet) Peacock.

Workforce – U/G 1097, S/F 180

CLOSURE – 24 March 1967.

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