When the coal industry was nationalised in 1947, there were 225 collieries in Scotland; now there are none. The last six pits to close were Killoch (1989), Bilston Glen (1989), Barony (1989), Frances (1995), Monktonhall (1998) & Longannet (2002)

Collieries after Nationalisation in 1947

Dates in brackets indicate the date that the colliery merged with another
Name Town County Month Closed Comments
Afton No.1 New Cumnock Ayrshire October 1948
Aitken Kelty Fife March 1963
Andershaw Carmacoup Lanarkshire July 1959
Ardenrigg Airdrie Lanarkshire June 1963
Argyll Campbeltown Stirlingshire March 1967
Arniston Newtongrange Mid Lothian April 1962
Ashgill Larkhall Lanarkshire October 1951
Auchengeich Bridgend by Chryston Dunbartonshire May 1965
Auchincruive Prestwick Ayrshire June 1973
Auchincruive Nos. 1, 2 & 3 Prestwick Ayrshire December 1960
Auchlochan Coalburn Lanarkshire July 1968
Auchmeddan Mains Lesmahagow Lanarkshire June 1968
Auldton Coalburn Lanarkshire July 1949
Auldton Coalburn Lanarkshire October 1963
Avonbraes Quarter, Hamilton Lanarkshire May 1965
Ayr Annbank Ayrshire (1959) See Enterkine Nos. 10 & 12. Merged in 1959
Baads Bathgate West Lothian May 1962
Balgonie Coaltown of Wemyss Fife February 1960
Balmore Torrence Stirlingshire April 1960
Bank New Cumnock Ayrshire May 1969
Bank No.2 New Cumnock Ayrshire April 1950
Bankend Coalburn Lanarkshire September 1958
Bannockburn Cowle Stirlingshire December 1953
Bannockburn Mine Stirling Stirlingshire September 1964
Bardykes Flemington Lanarkshire October 1962
Barony Auchinleck Ayrshire 1989 Sunk 1912.
Barony Nos.1, 2 & 3 Cumnock Ayrshire November 1962
Beaton’s Lodge Larkhall Lanarkshire October 1961
Bedlay Coatbridge Dunbartonshire 1981 Sunk 1904.
Bellyford Ormiston East Lothian November 1961
Benarty Kelty Fife October 1959
Benhar Shotts Lanarkshire October 1962
Beoch Dalmellington Ayrshire March 1968
Bilston Glen Loanhead Mid Lothian 1989 Sunk 1952.
Blackrigg Bathgate West Lothian July 1955
Blair Dalry Ayrshire March 1969
Blairenbathie Kelty Fife August 1962
Blairhall East Grange Fife May 1969
Blairmuckhill Shotts Lanarkshire July 1959
Blantyre Newton, Glasgow Lanarkshire July 1957
Blantyreferme No.3 Newton, Glasgow Lanarkshire August 1964
Blantyreferme Nos. 1 & 2 Newton, Glasgow Lanarkshire April 1962
Boglea Airdrie Lanarkshire March 1962
Bogside Balgownie Mains Fife See Longannet Complex
Bogside No.3 Balgownie Mains Fife See Longannet Complex
Bogton Dalmellington Ayrshire July 1954
Bothwell Castle Nos.1 & 2 Bothwell Lanarkshire December 1949
Bothwell Castle Nos.3 & 4 Bothwell Lanarkshire February 1959 Still used as a pumping station in 1964.
Bowhill Cardensen Fife June 1965
Bowhill Cardensen Fife April 1947
Branchal Wishaw Lanarkshire July 1959
Bridgend New Cumnock Ayrshire August 1964
Brucefield Clackmannan Clackmannanshire April 1961
Burghlee Loanhead Mid Lothian October 1964
Cairnhill Lugar Ayrshire November 1976
Calderhead Shotts Lanarkshire August 1958
Canderside Larkhall Lanarkshire November 1964
Carberry Smeaton East Lothian February 1960
Cardowan Stepps Dunbartonshire 1983 Sunk 1927.
Castle Mine Cranston Mid Lothian August 1958
Castlehill Castlehill Lanarkshire July 1954
Castlehill Kincardine Fife See Longannet Complex
Chalmerston Nos.4 & 5 Dalmellington Ayrshire December 1959
Chalmerston Nos.6 & 7 Dalmellington Ayrshire August 1952
Coalburn New Cumnock Ayrshire February 1962
Comrie Saline Fife 1986 Sunk 1936.
Cowdenbeath No.7 Lumphinnons Fife January 1960
Cowdenfoot Dalkeith Mid Lothian August 1965
Cronberry Moor New Cumnock Ayrshire March 1957
Cuthill Bathgate West Lothian (December) (1960) Merged with Baads
Dalkeith Smeaton Mid Lothian December 1978 Nos 5 and 9?
Dalquharran Girvan Ayrshire April 1977
Devon Menstrie Clackmannanshire March 1960
Devon No.3 Menstrie Clackmannanshire See Meta
Dollar Dollar Fife October 1954
Dollar Dollar Fife May 1973
Dora Lumphinnons Fife February 1959
Douglas Ponfeigh Lanarkshire September 1967
Douglas Castle Carmacoup Lanarkshire October 1959
Dullatur Dullatur Dumbartonshire May 1964
Dumback No. 1 Whitburn West Lothian January 1959
Dumbreck Kilsyth Stirlingshire January 1963
Dundonald Cardenden Fife See Lady Helen. Sunk 1953.
Dysart Dysart Fife See Frances
Earlseat Coaltown of Wemyss Fife December 1958
East Benhar Shotts Lanarkshire September 1957
East Plean Cowle West Lothian See Plean. Sunk 1895.
Easthouses Newtongrange Mid Lothian October 1969
Easton Bathgate West Lothian June 1973
Edgehead Newtongrange Mid Lothian August 1959
Elgin Wellwood Fife See Wellwood
Enterkine Nos.10 & 12 Annbank Ayrshire November 1959
Fauldhead Kirkconnel Ayrshire July 1968
Fernigare Hamilton Lanarkshire February 1947
Fleets Ormiston East Lothian March 1959
Fordell Crossgates Fife March 1966
Frances Dysart Fife January 1995 Coal News, June 1993 – Mothballed in 1985. Coal News, January 1995 – to be closed.
Garscube Glasgow Lanarkshire August 1966 Sunk 1948.
Gartshore 9-11 Kilsyth Dunbartonshire March 1968
Gartshore Nos.3 & 12 Kilsyth Dunbartonshire September 1959
Gateside & Tower Sanquhar Dumfrieshire March 1964
Gateside No.1 Sanquhar Dumfrieshire December 1949
Gateside No.2 Sanquhar Dumfrieshire March 1952
Gillhead Lanarkshire October 1955
Gilmerton Liberton Mid Lothian November 1961
Glencairn Prestonpans East Lothian January 1962
Glencraig Lochore Fife July 1966
Glenochil Menstrie Clackmannanshire June 1962
Glentaggart Carmacoup Lanarkshire October 1969
Glentore Airdrie Lanarkshire April 1964
Glespin Carmacoup Lanarkshire See Kennox
Gordon Lumphinnons Fife Part of Dora
Greenhead Wishaw Lanarkshire See Branchal
Greenhill Littlemill Ayrshire (September) (1958) Merged with Polquhairn
Greenrigg Whitburn West Lothian June 1960
Hamilton Palace Motherwell Lanarkshire May 1959
Harviestoun Tillicoultry Clackmannanshire September 1961
Harwood Breich Mid Lothian February 1959
Hassockrigg Shotts Lanarkshire July 1962
Herbertshire Bonnybridge Stirlingshire November 1959
Highhouse Auchinleck Ayrshire 1983
Hindsward Cumnock Ayrshire January 1959
Hopetoun Bathgate West Lothian See Easton
Houldsworth Patna Ayrshire December 1965
Jenny Gray Lochgelly Fife September 1959
Kames Muirkirk Ayrshire July 1968
Kennox Carmacoup Lanarkshire June 1972
Killoch Ochiltree Ayrshire 1989 Sunk 1957.
Killochan Girvan Ayrshire July 1967
Kinglassie Kinglassie Fife November 1966
Kingshill No.1 Newmains Lanarkshire October 1968
Kingshill No.2 Wilsontown Lanarkshire November 1963
Kingshill No.3 Newmains Lanarkshire July 1974
Kinneil Bo’ness West Lothian 1982 Sunk 1880.
Kinneil-Valleyfield Bo’ness West Lothian June 1978
Knockshinnoch New Cumnock Ayrshire February 1968
Knowehead Newhouse Lanarkshire June 1962
Knowehead Old Newhouse Lanarkshire June 1948
Knowetop Quarter, Hamilton Lanarkshire September 1966
Lady Helen Cardenden Fife February 1964
Lady Victoria Newtongrange Mid Lothian March 1981
Limeylands Ormiston East Lothian 1952 See Bellyford
Lindsay Kelty Fife January 1965
Lindsay No.2 Kelty Fife See Blairenbathie
Lingerwood Newtongrange Mid Lothian April 1967
Little Raith Lumphinnons Fife Part of Dora
Littlemill Rankinston Ayrshire June 1974
Loanhead Loanhead Mid Lothian See Ramsay
Lochgelly Lochgelly Fife See Nellie
Lochhead Coaltown of Wemyss Fife March 1970
Lochlea Mauchline Ayrshire November 1973
Loganlea Bathgate West Lothian July 1959
Longannet Complex Kincardine Fife March 2002 Included Castlehill and Solsgirth. Sunk 1964 and closed by Scottish Coal.
Lumphinnans No.1 Kelty Fife January 1957
Lumphinnans No.XI Kelty Fife November 1966
Manor Powis Stirling Stirlingshire October 1972
Mary Lochore Fife August 1966
Mauchline Mauchline Ayrshire August 1966
Maxwell Girvan Ayrshire July 1973
Meadowhill Prestonpans West Lothian June 1960
Melloch Tillicoultry Clackmannanshire See Tillicoultry
Meta Menstrie Clackmannanshire March 1959
Michael East Wemyss Fife September 1967
Minnivey Dalmellington Ayrshire November 1975
Minto Lochgelly Fife September 1967
Monktonhall Millerhall Mid Lothian 1998 Sunk 1953. Sinking in 1964. Coal News, April 1993 – taken over by a workers’ consortium in June 1992.
Nellie Lochgelly Fife October 1965
Netherton Lanarkshire October 1950
Newcraighall Portobello West Lothian April 1968
Northfield Shotts Lanarkshire July 1961
Overtown Wishaw Lanarkshire January 1968
Overtown Wishaw Lanarkshire June 1954
Overwood Larkhall Lanarkshire (1954) Merged with Canderside
Oxenford No.2 Ormiston East Lothian 1951
Oxenford No.3 Ormiston East Lothian January 1959
Pennyvenie Dalmellington Ayrshire July 1978
Pennyvenie No.4 Dalmellington Ayrshire March 1961
Pirnhall Bannockburn Stirlingshire April 1963
Plean Cowle Stirlingshire November 1962
Policy Falkirk Stirlingshire November 1959
Polkemmet Whitburn West Lothian 1986 Sunk 1913.
Polmaise 3 & 4 Stirling Stirlingshire 1987
Polmaise Nos.1 & 2 Stirling Stirlingshire June 1958
Polquhairn Nos.1, 4, 5 & 6 Littlemill Ayrshire August 1962
Prestongrange Prestonpans East Lothian December 1962
Prestonlinks Prestonpans East Lothian February 1964
Ramsay Loanhead Mid Lothian December 1965
Randolph Coaltown of Wemyss Fife April 1968
Redding Falkirk Stirlingshire May 1958
Riddochhill Bathgate West Lothian December 1968
Rig Kirkconnel Ayrshire May 1966
Roger Kirkconnel Ayrshire September 1980
Roslin Roslin Mid Lothian January 1969
Rothes Coaltown of Wemyss Fife May 1962
Seafield Kirkaldy Fife January 1988 Sinking in 1964
Solsgirth Kincardine Fife See Longannet Complex
Sorn Mauchline Ayrshire 1983 Sunk 1952.
South Bantaskine Falkirk Stirlingshire March 1959
Southfield Shotts Lanarkshire May 1959
Stane Shotts Lanarkshire December 1955
Stane Mine Shotts Lanarkshire October 1953
Sundrum Nos.5 & 6 Coylton Ayrshire March 1961
Thinacres Larkhall Lanarkshire May 1963
Tillicoultry Tillicoultry Clackmannanshire January 1957
Torry Newmills Fife May 1965
Tower Sanquhar Dumfrieshires Part of Gateside & Tower
Twechar No.1 Kilsyth Stirlingshire June 1964
Tynemount Ormiston East Lothian See Oxenford No.3
Valleyfield Newmills Fife March 1965 Part of Kinneil-Valleyfield
Victoria Coaltown of Wemyss Fife Part of Lochhead
Wellesley Denbeath Fife July 1967
Wellsgreen Coaltown of Wemyss Fife April 1959
Wellwood Wellwood Fife June 1950
West Mine Cardenden Fife Part of Lady Helen
Wester Auchengeich Bishopbridge, Glasgow Dunbartonshire February 1968
Westoun Mine Coalburn Lanarkshire June 1962
Whitehill Cumnock Ayrshire July 1965
Whitehill No.3 & 4 Cumnock Ayrshire (July) (1963) Merged with Whitehill (Ayr)
Whitrigg Whitburn West Lothian June 1972
Wilsontown Forth Lanarkshire February 1955
Winton Ormiston East Lothian April 1962
Woodend Armadale West Lothian June 1965
Woodmuir Breich Mid Lothian July 1963
Woolmet Portobello Mid Lothian September 1966
Zetland Alloa Clackmannanshire September 1960
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