Highley Colliery

Highley Colliery

This county has a number of small coalfields. The Denbighshire coalfield runs into the northern part of the county and has been worked around St Martin’s. There is another outlier near Oswestry.

The main or East Shropshire Coalfield, in the Ironbridge-Telford area, has received particular attention from Dr Ivor Brown whereas the Clee Hills and Wyre Forest (partly in Worcestershire) coalfields have been covered by others. Their work has been published in the Journal of the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club and other mining history societies.1-3

The most authorative study on the Clee Hill Coalfield remains an unpublished PhD thesis of the late Ken Goodman; more recent work is of variable quality.

There are small outliers of Westphalian strata around Westbury, Pontesbury, Hanwood-Shrewsbury, Wrentnall and Dryton.4-6

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When the coal industry was nationalised in 1947, there were 14 collieries in Shropshire; now there are none. The last three pits to close were Averley (1969), Highley (1969) & Granvill (1979)

Collieries after Nationalisation in 1947

Colliery Location Opened Closed
Alveley Alveley 1935 1969
Arleston Arleston 1923 April 1948
Grange St Georges 1864 (April) (1952) Merged with Granville
Granville Oakengates 1860 May 1979
Highley Highley 1870 January 1969
Ifton St Martins 1913 November 1968
Kemberton Madeley 1864
Lawley Drift Extension Arleston 1938 April 1948
Lawley, Nos 3 & 4 Arleston 1923 April 1948
Madeley Wood Madeley 1955 July 1967
Old Park (Harris) Oakengates 1855 November 1948
Princes End Lawley Bank 1923 April 1948
Station, Nos 1 & 2 Lawley Bank 1930 May 1948
Teeces Lawley Bank 1948 May 1948
Dates in brackets indicate the date that the colliery merged with another
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