The ownership of coal pits on Grewelthorpe Moor, which are associated with the Laverton Sandstone, was in dispute in 1604. It was claimed that the coal, from a small area to the south of Manslaughter or Thieves Gill (now Hutts Gill – SE222769), was used by the Earl of Derby’s tenants in Kirkby Malzeard.

At Coalpit Wood (424775.471820), near Winksley, a thin coal above the Laverton Sandstone, but underlying the Lingula band, has been worked on the northern limb of the Winksley syncline. This Lingula band is the likely equivalent of the G. subcrenatum marine band, which marks the transition to the Lower Coal Measures.

Gill, M.C. “Great Dales Coalfield, Eastern Areas” British Mining No.86 (2008), pp.68-108

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