From William Gill the outcrop runs south-east, at around the 550 metre contour, to Great Punchard Head where it ends against Wharton String. Here, at Punchard Colliery, the coal dips south at 1 in 12 and has been worked from levels driven north from Punchard Head. To the east, these levels worked the coal up to its outcrop, and to the west they followed it until stopped by water. To the north, the workings stopped at a fault which threw the coal up.

As it approaches Punchard Head the seam splits into three parts, the section at Roe Beck being as follows:-

Coal 24 inches
Shale 72
Coal 2
Shale 60
Coal smut 3

To the south of the Blakethwaite Vein an outcrop runs round the flank of Blakethwaite Gill and into Blind Gill where it, and an outcrop of coal below the Lower Howgate Edge Grit, have been tried by levels. The latter coal has also been tried from a shaft on the south side of the Lownathwaite Veins.

Gill, M.C. “Great Dales Coalfield, Eastern Areas” British Mining No.86 (2008), pp.68-108

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