Grinton – SD 966950

Dr Raistrick proposed that Summer Lodge was referred to as an old mill in 1770 and, therefore, was probably built before Moore’s 1750 lease. Tyson, however, asserts that the mill was built by Josias Readshaw Morley & Co. in 1810, to smelt ore from the Summer Lodge Vein (Pers com.). It also smelted Grinton ore from 1820 to 1822, when the latter mill was being rebuilt.

Summer Lodge mill belonged to the Whitaside Mining Company in 1854, when the O.S. sheet was surveyed, and was apparently working. The latter company gave up in 1857, however, and the mines stood until 1862, when the Summerlodge Mining Company (1862-1867) was formed. Whilst it is possible that the mill smelted in the latter period, it was very outdated. For example, it never had a flue, but, as Scott’s mill proved, that did not always force closure.

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