Online mapping not working - Again!

Latest News – we have a way to do this now, but it will take time to implement it on all pages. So far only the coal mining pages have been done.

Sorry, the online mapping of mines as an overlay on Google maps is not working, again!

We had this problem a couple of years ago when Google took down their API to plot layers on its maps. We found some third party code to get it working again, but Google appears to have broken part of the linkage now so this now cannot be used. They now have their new API which must be used to display their maps.

Google appears to have new way to do it, but it looks more complicated and will therefore take us a while to work out how to do it; we aim to get the mapping back online as soon as possible. If anyone is able to help in this please contact our webmaster.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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