British Mining No 103 – John Taylor and Sons and their three “Drops of Comfort” – their lead mines at Linares, Jaén, Southern Spain

by Robert W. Vernon

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, British companies exploited the rich mining areas of Spain, bringing with them substantial capital and technological resources.  This was an important factor in the decline of lead mining in the UK.  The world famous mining house of John Taylor and Sons developed three large companies: the Linares Lead Mining Company, the Fortuna Company and the Alamillos Company which together paid consistent dividends for well over 50 years from about 1850 until the start of the First World War.  These companies were the Taylors’ ‘Three Drops of Comfort’, which brought great wealth to the family.

This account also includes the history of two more modest ventures: the Buena Ventura Company and Spanish Mining Properties which were developed towards the end of this period.

This is a comprehensive work with over ninety illustrations and 250 pages and is a fitting tribute to British mining expertise in its heyday.

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  • 250 Pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-901450-73-9
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