British Mining No 106 – Memoirs 2018

Papers in Memoirs 2018 are:

  • A history of the Pooley Hall Colliery (Nigel A. Chapman)
  • A day in the life of the Selby Coalfield complex Wednesday 29 May 1996 (Neil Rowley)
  • The Clifton Hall Colliery explosion 1885, Messrs. Andrew Knowles & Sons and the Staffordshire miners connection (Peter Cutler)
  • Between the Rock and a Hard Place, attempts at High Explosive manufacture on the Isle of Man (Pete Joseph)
  • Further notes on the Mid-Cumberland Coalfield (Graham Brooks)
  • The New California Mine – Cefn Côch and Berth-Lŵyd gold mines revisited (R.M. Callender)
  • Limestone quarrying from the glacial deposits of Trawden Forest – a forgotten industry (Phillip J. Murphy)
  • Arcall’s Jigger. Cwmbyr Mines, Machynlleth, Wales (Nigel A. Chapman)
  • The far NW of the Central Wales Orefield:Melyn Llyn Pair, Corbet Dyfi and Tyddyn Briddell (David M.D. James)


  • A5
  • 96pp.
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