Ingleton Coalfield

British Mining No 76 – Ingleton Coalfield

By J. Bentley, B.R. Bond & M.C. Gill

Although Ingleton springs to mind as being in a farming area, on the edge of some of Yorkshire’s most spectacular landscape, it is a former coal mining community, and until the late 1930’s a colliery stood alongside the main road (A65) which passes the southern edge of the village.

Following the opening of a memorial to Ingleton’s former coal industry, on June 5th 2004, the authors agreed to collaborate in publishing their work on the topic. The resulting book, which covers mining in the last 400 years, is the first comprehensive history of the coalfield and corrects a wide variety of errors and omissions contained in previous articles on the subject. For the first time, a reliable chronology has been established for the 19th and 20th century mines.

As well as an index of personal names, there are four appendixes listing miners at Ingleton and giving details of accidents there. The final appendix covers attempts to work lead ore in the area.

A5 146pp, 19 figs, 51 plates
ISBN 13: 978-0-901450-58-6
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Look Inside to see some sample pages including the table of contents. This book also has a list of Personal Names that may be of use to family historians and genealogists.