Memoirs 2002

British Mining No 71 – Memoirs 2002

  • St. Elvis Mine, Solva, Pembrokeshire: Another Elizabethan Tetrahedrite Occurrence? (JS Mason & RE Bevins)
  • On The Mortality of Lead Miners (AF Mills & IF Mills)
  • Snailbeach Mine in the 1760s (A Cuckson)
  • The Mechanism of Hushing as Used in the Northern Pennines (RA Fairbairn)
  • Slagged Refractory Brickwork From Derwent Smelting Mill (WK Pirt)
  • A Survey of the Area Around Jamie Mine, Sun Side Allotment Appletreewick, North Yorkshire (M Roe & A Davies)
  • Two Centuries of a Mining Landscape: Archaeological Survey and Watching Brief at Goyt’s Moss Colliery and Axe Edge Moor, High Peak, Derbyshire (K Aitchison, A Badcock & R O’Neill)

A5 100pp, 26 photo’s, 25 figs
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