Memoirs 2003

British Mining No 73 – Memoirs 2003

  • Locating Oldham Coalpits (G Fanning)
  • Bale Smelting Sites at Calver Hill, Swaledale, Yorkshire (R Smith & S Murphy)
  • Barium Sulphate Production from Mine Waters in South East Northumberland (G Gray & AG Judd)
  • Greenhow Hill Lead Mines Survey (M Roe)
  • Kettlewell Smelt Mill (M Roe & A Davies)
  • An Initial Survey of Booze Wood Level, Arkengarthdale, July 2003 (A Mills)
  • Central Snailbeach Mine, Shropshire (NA Chapman)
  • Bosorne Mine and Bosorne and Bollowall United (P Joseph)

A5 155pp

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