Memoirs 2004

British Mining No 75 – Memoirs 2004

  • Wheal Hearle, St Just: History and Archaeology (P Joseph)
  • Dabbling in Eskdale Iron Mining (J Goodchild)
  • The Meal Mill at Ballygrant (RM Callender)
  • The Brades Coal and Steel Works, Oldbury, Staffordshire (NA Chapman)
  • Does Familiarity Breed Contempt? Age and Accident Frequency in Cornish Non-Ferrous Metal Mining, 1881-1901 (C Mills)
  • Explosives in the Mines of the Alston Block during the 18th and 19th Centuries (RA Fairbairn)
  • The Inghams and the Thornhill Collieries Near Dewsbury (J Goodchild)
  • A Dispute Over Mining Royalties in the Bolton Area, 1836-1842 (AG Crosby)

A5 125pp, 18 photo’s, 40 figs
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