British Mining No 99 – The Lead Mines of Tyndrum

by Stephen Moreton

The Tyndrum lead mine has been worked from 1730 until 1926 by a succession of operators starting with Sir Robert Clifton (1730-1747) and followed by the Mine Adventurers of England (1747-1760), a group of investors from Ripon in Yorkshire (1760-1762), the Scots Mining Company (1768-1791), the Caledonia Mining Company (1803-1807), The Earl of Bredalbane (1837-1862) and Tyndrum Lead & Zinc Mines Ltd (1918-1926); this last a subsidiary of Kinta Tin Mines.

In addition to the history of these phases, the monograph describes some of the colourful characters who were involved and some of the personality clashes which abounded.

The monograph also includes a record and interpretation of the workings and remains which exist today, along with a description of the outlying mines and trials at Cononish, Beinn Bheag, Benn Odhar, Cromm Allt and Arrivain.

Comprehensive production statistics are given together with a short history of the Earls of Breadalane and an index.

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