The Metalliferous Mines of Cartmel and South Lonsdale

British Mining No. 89 – The Metalliferous Mines of Cartmel and South Lonsdale

By Max Moseley

This is a much expanded and revised version of Moseley’s “The Metalliferous Mines of the Arnside-Carnforth Districts of Lancashire and Westmorland”, published as a 32 page booklet by The Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society in 1969.

The monograph covers both copper and iron extraction and has interesting references to monastic mining by Cartmel Priory and the Society of Mines Royal.

Mining in the area was always overshadowed by the much more prolific iron mines of nearby Furness, although the author shows how early iron mining was influenced more by the availability of suitable woodland for charcoal than by the mineral deposits. In later years the iron ore was used as a high-quality pigment.

One of the features of this monograph is a catalogue of the relevant sites together with several mine plans derived from surveys by the author and his colleagues of the short-lived Lancaster Cave and Mine Research Society.

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