Resources Page Updated

We have updated our resources page and added some new items like “Index of Graduates at Camborne School of Mines 1898-1940”, as well as updating some of the other items. Some items got mislaid during the website migration and these too have been added.

On the resources page you can find the following items:

  • Bibliography of Lead Mining in Yorkshire & Lancashire
  • Bibliography of Smelting & Dressing
  • Britain’s Nationalised Coal Mines from 1947
  • Index of Graduates of the Camborne School of Mines 1898-1940
  • Index to 1778 Mineralogia Cornubiensis
  • Index to Kinnaird Commission, Volume 7 – Mining Accidents
  • Joint Stock Coal Mining Companies
  • Joint Stock Metalliferous Mining Companies
  • Metalliferous Mines of the Yorkshire Dales
  • Mines of coal and other stratified minerals in Yorkshire from 1854
  • Project Grants
  • Smelting Mills
  • Westmorland Collieries

The page can be found at

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