A number of items all related to metalliferous mining in the British Isles


Bibliography of Lead Mining in Yorkshire & Lancashire
Books and articles on Lead Mining in Yorkshire & Lancashire, arranged in alphabetical order of the author.

Bibliography of Smelting & Dressing
Books and articles on Smelting & Dressing Ores, arranged in alphabetical order of the author.

Index to 1778 Mineralogia Cornubiensis
This was a study of the mining world of Cornwall, historical and practical in 1778. It was written by William Pryce (1735-1790), son of Dr Samuel Pryce of Redruth, Cornwall.

Metalliferous Mines of the Yorkshire Dales
A list of metal mines with dates and comments.

Joint Stock Metalliferous Mining Companies

Lead Smelting Mills

Index to Kinnaird Commission, Volume 7 – Mining Accidents
The Minutes of Evidence taken before the Commissioners on the Condition of Mines in Great Britain are a useful resource for mining historians, but until now they have lacked an index.  In 1991 Mike Gill indexed Volume 7, covering the period between April 1862 and March 1864, as an aid for his own researches.  The resulting card index for this volume, which relates to metalliferous mines and those involved in them, has now been digitised and made available to other researchers.