Max Stenfield Eaton Archibald was killed in France early in 1918 whilst engaged on a raid with a squadron of heavy bombing machines of the R.A.F. Previous to entering that force, he had served in the 170th Tunnelling Co. of the R.E.

He received his technical education under Dr. John Bonsall Porter at the McGill University, Montreal, and after obtaining his degree of B.Sc., went in 1910 to South Africa to take up a position with the Knight’s Deep G. M. Co. at Germiston, Transvaal. He remained on this mine until after the outbreak of war, when he came home to take part in hostilities. At the date of his death he was a Captain in the R.A.F.

Mr. Archibald was admitted to Studentship of the Institution in 1910.

Vol. 32, Trans IMM 1922-23, p. 285

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