Harold Inglefleld Johnston died about the middle of 1921, at the age of 42.

In 1897 he entered a three years’ course in mining at the Camborne School of Mines, and on leaving in 1899 was employed as cyanide shiftsman by the Ferreira G.M. Co., in the Transvaal. At the close of 1900 he transferred to the East Rand Proprietary Mines as assistant surveyor. From September, 1903, to March, 1905, he was associated with Mr. W.S. Frames, Government land surveyor, at Lydenburg, and towards the end of 1906 he was engaged as head sampler and chief surveyor, to, the Bonanza, Ltd., and Crown Reef G.M. Co., in connection with important boundary dispute surveys, and in 1909 he was occupied for some time in estimating ore reserves at various Rand mines, followed by a year’s work as chief surveyor and head sampler at the Bantjes Consolidated Mine.

For two years from April, 1910, Mr. Johnston was in private practice as a consulting engineer at Salisbury, Rhodesia. In January, 1913, he joined the staff of the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, and was successively chief mine surveyor, railway surveyor, and mine captain, with control of about 20 white men and 800 natives. His last engagement was with the Jantar Nigeria Co., Northern Nigeria.

Mr. Johnston was elected an Associate of the Institution in 1919.

Vol. 31, Trans IMM 1921-3, pp.579-80.

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