We are a group of people dedicated to the preservation and recording of mining history, Northern referring to the our administrative base rather than our field of interest. We started as the Northern Cavern & Mine Research Society in 1960, but our members’ increasing interest in mining led us to change the original name to the present title in 1975.


We have established a reputable publishing house, utilized by many interested in mining history, archaeology, geology, social and family history etc. Many of our publications are still available, but for those out of print we offer some in PDF format, and in some cases have some good pre-owned copies available.

Many institutions benefit from our subscription service and we provide generous trade terms.


Our website is not just for our members, although new members are always welcome, but for anyone who shares our interests. There is a great deal of searchable information freely available, including our mining pages.

Our Facebook page not only informs of our activities but of others with similar interests.


December 13, 2016

Index to NMRS publications & Newsletters

Just released - an index to most of the publications and newsletters that we have produced since 1960. The list was compiled by one of our members,  Alasdair Neill, who sadly passed away recently. This massive undertaking, running to over 300 pages of A4, covers over 95% of everything that…
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November 14, 2016

Latest copy of British Mining published

British Mining No 102 Memoirs 2016 Sinkings over the Eastern Boundary Fault of the South Staffordshire Coalfield (Nigel A. Chapman) Mineral working near  Penistone, Yorkshire  Part 1- Coal (John Goodchild) Mineral working near Penistone, Yorkshire  Part 2 - Fireclay, Ganister and other minerals (John Goodchild) Thomas and George Lee: mine…
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2016Coal Mining
September 29, 2016

Latest monograph published

British Mining No 101 The vocabulary of coal mining in Yorkshire 1250-1850 by George Redmonds The author has made a series of specialised studies into the vocabulary used in various occupations and is an expert in his field. This monograph discusses the terms used in various aspects of coal mining…
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