For the society to function, members of the Northern Mine Research Society and applicants for membership are required to provide names and contact information as part of the membership process.  This information is necessary to administer membership, publication services and enquiries utilising our internal systems.

The data will be held by the Membership Secretary and may be supplied to Society Officers where necessary to fulfil their designated functions.

Any member can have their details removed by contacting the Membership Secretary but in that case membership would cease. Details will be deleted on resignation from the Society, on notification of a member’s death, or by non-payment for Society membership from April 1st of the relevant year.  A member’s details may be amended at any time at the request of the member if it is thought that the information is incorrect or has changed.  If there is any security breach of the filing system, then members will be notified through the Newsletter.

NMRS will not sell or otherwise supply member’s details to third parties except where it is required to do so by UK law. Gift Aid details will be kept for at least seven years, as this is required by UK law.

Information supplied by customers for NMRS products is passed on to the Society Officer responsible for dispatching products and is held for a limited period only.  All Paypal transactions are additionally subject to the Paypal privacy policy.