Mining in the British Isles began in the Neolithic period, around 6000 years ago, when flint was mined at Grimes Graves, in Norfolk, and the South Downs. A hard stone was quarried, to make polished hand axes, around Great Langdale and Scafell in Neolithic times. An increasing number of Bronze Age copper mines have now been recognised, with radiocarbon dates of between 3300 and 3020 years ago for bone tools and charcoal from a mine at Great Orme. Larger numbers of stone hammers, or mauls, have been recovered from such sites. Tin was also been worked in Cornwall and traded over long distances.

For convenience, mining in the British Isles has been divided in to the following sections:

Non Ferrous



Botallack Mine, Cornwall Florence Iron Mine, Cumbria Ackton Hall Colliery (demolished), West Yorkshire

Onshore Oil and Gas


Other Mines

Kimmeridge Oil Well, Dorset Coldstones Quarry, North Yorkshire Boulby Potash Mine, North Yorkshire

Yorkshire Smelt Mills

North Pennines Smelt Mills

Old Gang Smelt Mill Nenthead Smelt Mill

Please also see Online mapping using Google Maps & Google Earth – more mines, but less information.

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