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2024Coal Mining
January 14, 2024

Plans of collieries

We have been sent a number of coal mine plans for the website by Lee Reynolds who copies these from the originals. These plans are presented using an app which allows you to zoom in/out with your scroll wheel and drag by holding down your mouse's left button and moving…
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2023Coal MiningMetal MiningQuarries
December 5, 2023

Database of Mining Deaths & Injuries

After a long time in preparation, the first part of our database on UK mining deaths and injuries is now available covering the years 1900-1991. The data, supplied mainly by Ian Winstanley with additions by Ray Lawrence, NMRS records and others runs to 86,701 records and is fully searchable. The…
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2023Coal MiningMemoirsMetal MiningPublications
November 16, 2023

Latest copy of British Mining published

British Mining No 116 – Memoirs 2023 Papers in Memoirs 2023 are: Tunnelling for the Tournaisian – Phillip J. Murphy Pont Ceunant Electricity Generating Station – Nigel A. Chapman Mechanisation in Area 7 of the East Midlands Coalfield – 1958, Ralph A. Tebbut Excavation of Fron Goch Lead Mine, Devil’s Bridge, Mid Wales…
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2023Metal MiningPublications
May 5, 2023

Latest monograph published

British Mining No. 115 – Female Employment at the Metal Mines of the UK and Ireland by Lynne Mayers Women and young girls were employed in the metalliferous mining areas of the UK and Ireland from the times of the earliest records. However, this aspect of mining has received little attention from…
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February 3, 2023

The Third International Early Engines Conference (IEEC3)

The Third International Early Engines Conference (IEEC3) Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life: 22-24 March 2024 Please note that the Northern Mine Research Society are only a sponsor of this conference. Conference Details and Call for Papers Building on the success of our previous conferences, we are delighted to confirm…
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2020Coal MiningMetal Mining
September 15, 2020

Accident & Disasters Reports 1658-1979

Accident & Disasters Reports 1658-1979, provided by Ian Winstanley and the Coal Mining History Resource Centre, have been added to the website. While there are around 740 of these, they are not a complete list. Each report, created from various sources like the official report, articles in the Colliery Guardian,…
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June 18, 2019

Obituaries of members of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy

We are pleased to announce a new resource in the form of over 1700 obituaries of members of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy covering the period 1892-1968. They were collected by the late David Dixon as part of the research towards his doctorate on technical education in metalliferous mining.…
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2019Coal Mining
January 6, 2019

Coal Mining History Resource Centre

Ian Winstanley, the founder of the Coal Mining History Resource Centre has supplied us with all his data and research and permitted us to publish this on our website, following the closure of the CMHRC website. With the amount of data, it will take quite some time to carry this…
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