Database of Mining Deaths & Injuries

After a long time in preparation, the first part of our database on UK mining deaths and injuries is now available covering the years 1900-1991. The data, supplied mainly by Ian Winstanley with additions by Ray Lawrence, NMRS records and others runs to 86,701 records and is fully searchable.

The second part of the data covering the years 1500-1899 is being prepared and will be added soon.

Search tips:

  • If you search for SMITH you will get just SMITH.
  • If you search for SMITH* you will get everything that starts with SMITH, eg SMITHSON, SMITHERS… in alphabetical order.
  • Similarly with *SMITH you will get ARROWSMITH, GOLDSMITH, WILDSMITH etc
  • And *MIT* will get you everything with those letters in the name like ARMITAGE, SMITH, MITCHELL etc
  • If you use the sort by function, which defaults to surname, this will reverse the results. However, if you select a different sort term this will effectively do a search within a search.

The database can be found on a standalone website at which will be merged into the main site later.