Ayr Colliery Drumley No 1 Pit, Ayr, 1897
Methane explosion caused by a sudden release of gas and a naked light. 7 died & 6 injured.

Auchengarvie Colliery, Ayr, 1895
Inrush of water from a abandoned flooded neighbouring colliery. 10 died.

Caprington Colliery, Ayr, 1909
Inrush of water from old workings. 10 died.

Irvine Colliery, Irvine, 1871
Explosion. 8 died.

Kames Colliery, Muirkirk, 1957
Methane explosion in a non gassy mine where the men were allowed to smoke. A pocket of gas ignited when a match was struck. 17 died.

Knockshinnock Castle Colliery, New Cumnock, 1950
Inrush of a large quantity of waterlogged peat moss drowned the colliery. 12 died.

Portland Colliery, Ayrshire, 1900
Methane explosion caused by a naked light. 6 died.

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