Barwood Colliery, Kilsyth, 1878
Explosion. 17 died.

Benstone Colliery, Johnstone, 1860
Inrush of water from old workings due to lack of plans. 5 died.

Bowhill Colliery, Cardenden, 1931
Methane explosion. 10 died.

Commonhead Colliery, Airdrie, 1850
Massive methane explosion. 18 died.

Cowdenbeath Colliery, Dunfermline, 1853
Shaft Accident – winding rope broke. 5 died.

Donibristle Colliery, Cowdenbeath, 1901
Inrush of soft moss from above. 6 died.

Hill of Beath Colliery, Fife, 1901
Underground Fire. 7 died.

Kinneddar Colliery, Dunfermline ,1895
Underground fire. 9 died.

Lindsay Colliery, Cowdenbeath, 1957
Methane explosion. The gas appears to have come from the waste in a mine where smoking was regularly done. 9 died & 11 injured.

Michael Colliery, Fife, 1967
Underground fire caused by spontaneous combustion. 9 died.

Niddrie Colliery No.7 Pit, Portobello, 1884
Underground fire. 7 died.

Seafield Colliery, Kirkcaldy, 1973
Roof Fall on steeply sloping seam. 5 died & 4 injured.

Valleyfield Colliery, Culross, 1939
Methane explosion due to shotfiring. 33 died & 2 injured.

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