BRNGWEOG. Mold Flintshire. 12th. February, 1862.

The mine, which was being developed to exploit the deposits of lead ore, was near the high road from Mold to Denbigh, about 4 miles from Denbigh and was the property of the Brngweog Company. The area had been worked previously from the Hendre Mine which had been abandoned and was known to be flooded.

On the morning of the disaster seventeen men went down the mine and penetrated a wall which let the water from the work workings into the mine. The workings filled very quickly and one man, Edwin Powell, managed to escape with his life. He got to the shaft where he managed to catch hold of a rope and pulled himself up through torrents of raging water. He was near the surface and was totally exhausted and saved only by someone pulling him from the pit by his hair.

Those who died:

  • Edward Jones, Moel-y-Crio
  • Bennet Roberts, Lixwm
  • William Pierce, Rhewl
  • Edward Jones, Rhesycae
  • John Jones, Foel
  • Richard Blackwell, Llaneurgain
  • William Hooson, Cilcen
  • Job Jones, Cilcen
  • John Williams, Hendy
  • Edward Goodwin
  • Llewelyn Powell, Hersedd
  • Edward Powell, Hersedd
  • Joseph Robert, Bryn Gwiog
  • William Williams, Llaneurgain
  • John Jones, Cilcen
  • George Brookes, Llaneurgain


Wrexham Advertiser, Saturday 22nd February 1862.

Information supplied by Ian Winstanley and the Coal Mining History Resource Centre.

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