Bridge-end Colliery, Pensnett, 1864
Shaft Accident – horse bolted and fell down shaft breaking the skip chain send the miners to their deaths. 6 died.

Coombs Wood Colliery, Halesowen, 1929
Underground fire caused deaths by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 8 died.

Fiveways Colliery, Cladey, 1851
Explosion. 11 died.

Gwane Colliery, Dudley, 1857
Explosion caused by a build up of gas following a roof fall and “lax discipline” in the mine. 8 died.

Homer Hill Colliery, Cradley, 1866
Explosion. 12 died.

Salt Well Colliery, Dudley, 1865
Roof Fall Рfall of coal from  a height of 17 feet.

Titford Long Meadow Colliery, Oldbury, 1874
Underground fire – hot air caused lung damage and subsequent deaths. 5 died

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