BIRLEY, Sheffield, Yorkshire. 26th. June, 1876.

The colliery was the property of Jeffcock, Dunn and Company and an explosion of firedamp killed six persons. The mine had been worked with safety lamps before the morning of the explosion and the fireman had neglected to make a thorough inspection before the men went into the workings.

Those who lost their lives were:

  • Thomas Marples, header, aged 49 years.
  • George Kelly, loader, aged 20 years.
  • James Woodward, header, aged 26 years.
  • Edwin Saville, header, aged 56 years.
  • Thomas Marples Jnr. header, aged 26 years.
  • Ellis Cooper, header, aged 31 years.

At the inquest into the deaths, the fireman was committed for manslaughter and the manager and underviewer censured by the jury.


Mines Inspectors Report, 1876. Mr. Thomas Evans.

Information supplied by Ian Winstanley and the Coal Mining History Resource Centre.


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