BULLCROFT MAIN. Yorkshire. 19th. October 1941

There had been a series of four small explosions in a face that was subject to spontaneous combustion. A rescue team went in and there was an explosion on the return airway. One man was rescued alive but died later and two were killed in the explosion. The other three were buried under fall and not recovered. The district was sealed.

Those killed:

  • A Baldwin 37 Rescueman. Rescued but died later
  • I Crane 39 Rescueman. Killed in the explosion,
  • William Gyte 47 Rescueman. Killed in the explosion,
  • A Orme 55 Rescueman. Not recovered.
  • I Samson 42 Deputy. Not recovered.
  • B Baxton 47 Rescueman. Not recovered.

Information supplied by Ian Winstanley and the Coal Mining History Resource Centre.


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