Unlike parts of South Yorkshire this area has very few workable coals above the Barnsley or Top Hard coal. This results from a mixture of seam thinning and erosion.

A few pre-1998 papers on Nottinghamshire mining have been listed by Brook and Griffin gives an overview of the pre-nationalised industry there.1,2

Thoresby colliery was still producing coal in 2015.

When the coal industry was nationalised in 1947, there were 49 collieries in Nottinghamshire; now there is just one. The last five pits to close were Calverton (1999), Annesley (2000), Clipstone (2003), Harworth (2006) & Wellbeck (2010)

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  2. Griffin, A.R. Mining in the East Midlands, 1550-1947 (Routledge, 1971)


Collieries after Nationalisation in 1947

Dates in brackets indicate the date that the colliery merged with another
Colliery Location Opened Closed
Annesley Annesley 1865 January 2000
Babbington Cinderhill 1842 (January) (1986) Merged with Hucknall
Bestwood Bestwood 1871 July 1967
Blidworth Blidworth 1924 March 1989
Calverton Calverton 1938 April 1999
Cinderhill Cinderhill 1947 1947
Clifton Wilford 1870 July 1968
Cotgrave Cotgrave 1955 December 1992
Gedling Gedling 1900 November 1991
Hucknall Hucknall 1854 January 1986
Linby Linby 1875 March 1988
Newstead Newstead 1874 March 1987
Radford Radford 1854 (December) (1961) Merged with Wollaton
Radford & Wollaton Wollaton 1854 April 1965
Wollaton Wollaton 1874 (December) (1961) Merged with Radford
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