This was another of Richard Evans & Co’s pits, which was sunk on the end of the Haydock Colliery Railway network, probably in the late 1870s. The shaft was 426 metres deep to the Florida Mines.

On the 29th June 1900 8 men died as the results of a methane explosion, due to a gas outburst. They were deepening the shaft from the Nine Feet Seam to the Rushy Park Seam. The full report can be found here.

The National Coal Board took over from Richard Evans & Co. Ltd in 1947, but did not have much opportunity to modernise it before Old Boston closed in November 1952, apparently because of a fire which started at the bottom of the downcast shaft and spread.

Seams worked at Old Boston:

1905-1952 Higher Florida
1905-1952 Lower Florida
1905-1920, 1930-1940, 1950 Ravenhead Main Delf
1905-1908, 1940-1950 Wigan Nine Feet
1905-1910, 1917-1925 Little Delf
1925-1930 New
1940 Wigan Four Feet
1935-1940 Potato Delf
1920, 1940-1950 Wigan Nine Feet
1950-1952 Wigan Five Feet
1952 Trencherbone

Further information:

  • NMRS Records, Gazetteer of British Collieries.
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