LOCATION Approx. 200 yards east of LNWR West Coast Main Line and ½ mile north of Springs Branch Junction.
Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. Ltd 1892

Two shafts.
Shafts first sunk on this site c1820s. H.& E. Hilton took over c.1838, bankrupt 1842.
Colliery subsequently taken over by Thomas Pearson.
Pearson & Knowles partnership formed 1854.
Shafts sunk (or deepened) to Arley Mine, probably by P & K.

Single cylinder winding engine located between shafts winding one cage in each. Cylinder 38 inches x 78 inches, Cornish valves. Eccentrics mounted on shaft operated by drag link from crank pinches Parallel winding drum 17 feet diameter, supported by mid-wall and side wall of ashlar construction. Engine built in 1866.

Underground Haulage
Direct single rope haulage engine in Arley Mine.
Main and tail haulage engine in Haigh Yard Mine.

Pumping engine situated at the Wigan Nine Feet level.

Accidents & Disasters
On the 18th July 1874 an explosion claimed the lives of 15 miners. The explosion was caused by shotfiring igniting gas that was present. The shotfirer had neglected to check for gas with his safety lamp, as was required, before he fired his shots. The full report can be found here.

CLOSURE – c1897

N.B. – This colliery not to be confused with several collieries of the same name with various owners.

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