Sunk in 1816, the Marquis shaft was 10 feet diameter and went down to the Main Coal seam. During the period 1866 – 1874, when the Rawdon Colliery shaft was being deepened, Marquis was also deepened from the Main Coal to the Eureka Seam, the final depth being 365 yards. It was the pumping shaft and also the upcast ventilation shaft for Rawdon.

During the period 1895 – 1914 when improvements were being carried out at Rawdon, new multi-deck cages were provided at Marquis. The underground workings of Marquis and Rawdon were also connected to secure economies in underground haulage and winding. An electrically powered endless rope haulage was provided in connection with Rawdon.

Coal was wound at the Marquis shaft until 1953 when all coal winding was concentrated at Rawdon. Marquis remained in operation for men and materials winding and also upcast ventilation. During the 1970’s, a drift was driven from the surface at Marquis and this replaced the Rawdon shaft for coal winding.

See also Rawdon Colliery.

Seams Worked (1952) Stockings, Woodfield
Workforce (1952) 973 Underground, 216 Surface
CLOSURE 1980’s

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