Cwmpennar, Cynon Valley (04280175)

This mine was sunk in 1881 by the Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company Limited and was on the eastern extremity of their then mineral take. It was sunk down to the Nine-Feet seam which it found at a depth of 1,335 feet 5 inches. In 1896 it was managed by Gwilym Jones and employed 353 men underground and 66 men on the surface.

It was found that in this area there was a vertical section of coal of 75 feet, of which over 50 feet was in seams of two feet in thickness or over. The Graig seam was 19 inches in thickness. The Gorllwyn seam was only 18 inches thick. The Two-Feet-Nine seam was 33 inches thick. The Upper-Four-Feet seam was extensively worked and had a thickness of 63 inches. The Six-Feet seam was worked and had a thickness of 60 inches. The Red Vein seam was 26 inches thick. The Nine-Feet seam was extensively worked and had a total thickness of 10 feet 6 inches. The Bute seam was worked and had a thickness of 78 inches. The Seven-Feet seam was worked and had a total thickness of 11 feet 5 inches, it was called the Upper-Four-Feet seam at this pit.

The coals of this colliery were generally classed as type 202 and type 203 Coking Steam Coals, low volatile, weak to medium caking, with low ash and sulphur content, they were used for steam raising and coking purposes. It was served by the Taff Vale Railway in 1898 it had a sidings capacity of full wagons, 48, empty wagons, 87, other wagons, 64.

It produced 138,098 tons of coal in 1889, 136,709 tons of coal in 1894, it employed 51 men in 1900, 92 men in 1901, 93 men in 1902, 105 men in 1903 and 4 men in 1904. It was closed in 1909.

Some of those who died at this pit:

  • 23/3/1880, John Evans, aged 49, collier, run over by trams.
  • 1/12/1885, Jacob Williams, aged 27, surface rider, fell under trucks.
  • 15/6/1886, James Berry, aged 20, rider, fell under trams.
  • 24/6/1886, Thomas Davies, labourer, was crushed by trams.
  • 9/12/1886, Daniel Crowley, aged 38 years, stower, David Davies, aged 21, stower, Michael Miskell, aged 17, stower, Richard Thomas, aged 21, collier, Samuel Thomas, aged 58, collier. Someone had placed a stone in the railway points between the George Pit and the Lower Duffryn. Men were illegally riding the wagons when it was derailed and five were killed.
  • 23/12/1886, M. Donovan, aged 58, stower, fall of the roof.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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