Aberdare, Cynon Valley (99520208)

This pit was sunk in 1850 to a depth of 240 yards by the Aberdare Graig Coal Company.

On Tuesday, July 1st 1873, David Thomas, the manager of the Graig Colliery, was in court charged with a breach of the Mines Regulations in that he employed a boy under the age of 12 years. At that time the owners were quoted as the Welsh Iron Company.

In 1896 it was owned by Wayne’s Merthyr Company of Gadlys, Aberdare and employed 321 men underground and 49 men on the surface producing steam coals. The manager at that time was S.R. Hopkins. It employed 526 men in 1899 and 500 men in 1900.

The No.1 Pit was the downcast ventilation shaft and was sunk to a depth 248 yards to the Five-Feet seam while the No.2 Pit was the upcast ventilation shaft and was sunk to the Nine-Feet seam which it found at a depth of 176 yards.

It was closed in 1906.


Hirwaun, Cynon Valley
This was one of the earliest levels in this area. It was driven by Isaac Davies and Evan Davies who were mining contractors to the Hirwaun Iron Works. The agreement for opening this level was:

Agreement for driving forward a certain level, called by the name of Graig Vein New Level, until the Coal sought for shall be met with. Between John Walters of Hirwaun Furnaces on behalf of Messrs. A. and T. Bacon and Isaac and Evan Davies Miners, of the Parish of Hirwaun Work to be carried out unremittingly, and to be done in a sufficient and workmanlike manner.

Plates to be laid and kept in repair by the workmen Payment to be made at the rate of 18/- (90 pence) for every yard driven forward Dated June 1st. 1801.

In 1896 Waynes Merthyr Company of Aberdare owned a Graig Level in this area and employed 26 men underground and 5 men on the surface. The manager was S.R. Hopkins.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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