Pontardulais. 623042

This was a level that was driven in 1910 by the Graigola Merthyr Company which was owned by the Cory Brothers. In 1933/38 it was managed by J.L. Evans.

In 1943/5 it employed 484 men underground in the Graigola seam and 180 men on the surface with the manager being J.L. Evans. The colliery was nationalised in 1947 and it was still managed by the NCB’s J.L. Evans. It was then absorbed into Graig Merthyr Colliery.

Some statistics:

  • 1928: Manpower: 631 with Graig Merthyr.
  • 1933: Manpower: 702.
  • 1937: Manpower: 704.
  • 1938: Manpower: 710.
  • 1943/5: Manpower: 644.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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