Amman Valley (71601360)

An old Cwmnantmoel slant was worked by the Cwmnantmoel Colliery Company and in 1923 employed 4 men working underground and 1 man working at the surface of the mine. It abandoned the Middle Seam in October 1924 but in 1928 it employed 27 men and in 1930 it employed 7 men.

On the 6th of March 1929, Daniel Williams, Aged 42 years and a collier, died when preparing a place for a prop when a stone gave way.

In 1930 it was working the Lower Seam and employed 5 men working underground and 2 men at the surface of the mine with I.J. Thomas as the manager. It then disappears from our listings until the war years when it employed 15 men in 1940, 6 men in 1942 and 12 men in 1944.

There was a small level worked under license from the National Coal Board in 1947 by the Cwmnantymoel Colliery Company. The Cwmnantmoel Colliery Company (1928) Limited was based at Wernbwll, Tairgwrath, Gwaen-cae-Gurwen with the directors being; J. Lewis, I.J. Thomas and W. Thomas.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.


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