Brynamman 706132.

This mine was recorded as working as early as the 1800s when it was in joint ownership with the Cross Hands Colliery and shared various roadways. Ownership includes Major Evans and Sir William Paxman. In 1830 the Gorsgoch worked under different owners to the Cross Hands. They decided to drift down to the lower measures and work those seams. They met with copious amounts of water so installed a pumping engine to pump it into the old workings in the upper level, this caused problems for the Cross Hands Colliery and they were forced to pump elsewhere by Court Order.

By 1854 and on to 1859 William Sayes owned it, then between 1860 and 1862 Benjamin Jones abandoned the mine in 1864. He re-opened it in 1865 and worked it until 1867. In 1869 the Gorsgoch and Rhos Colliery Co, were the owners, that lasted until 1871 when it was back with Benjamin Jones. The new owners in 1872 were the Carmarthenshire Anthracite Coal and Iron Company who worked it through a drift and a shaft producing 30 tons of coal a day. They closed it in 1875 only for it to be re-opened in 1881 by the Gorsgoch Coal, Brick and Lime Company who abandoned it in 1885.

Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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