Varteg, Alan Lwyd Valley

It consisted of the Black Vein Level and Black Vein slope and was listed in 1888 as working the Nine-Feet (Black Vein) seam under the management of W. Davies, being owned by Partridge, Jones and Company. There were Black Vein Levels located in Talywaun (257045, No.1 level. 255046, No.2 slant. 254046, No.3 slant, 255047, No.4 slant. ). It was abandoned in 1889.

In 1903 when it employed 3 men, in 1905 when it employed 6 men and in 1908 when it employed 6 men underground and 1 man on the surface. In 1912 it was owned by Richards & Company and employed four men and in 1918 it employed 2 men underground and 1 man on the surface.

In this area it consisted of a single coal varying between 96 inches and 144 inches in thickness, its ash content was 6%.

As early as the 14th of August 1856, William Bridges, died under a fall of roof at this mine.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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