Brynmawr/Llanelly, (219115)

This was a level that was possibly opened in 1794 and worked near the northern outcrop of the Coalfield under the ownership of the Waen Nantyglo Colliery Company of Brynmawr.

In 1893 it was owned by M. Morgan and worked the Old Coal seam. In 1896 there was a West Llanmarch level owned by Roberts and Davies of Llanelly Hill that employed 2 men underground. In 1907 it employed 97 men working underground and 5 men at the surface.

This level employed 105 men underground and 6 men on the surface with the manager being William Thomas, 177 men in 1913/5 when it was still managed by William Thomas, 46 men underground and 13 men on the surface in 1918 when managed by W.H. Jones. It abandoned the Black Vein seam in October 1922. It employed 51 men working underground and 15 men at the surface in 1923 and was still managed by W.H. Jones and 91 men in 1924. William Thomas was the manager in 1927 and it employed 150 men in that year increasing to 220 men employed in 1930.

In 1934 the Waen Nantyglo Colliery Company Limited was based at Brynmawr with the directors being; John Williams, Caleb Williams, Samuel Jones, Mary E. Jones and Myrddin Davies. The company secretary and the commercial manager was Myrddin Davies. At that time this company (which was established in 1875 and incorporated in 1911) controlled three collieries that employed 277 men who produced 75,000 tons of coal in that year. It employed 250 men in 1932 and 20 men on the surface and 210 men underground in 1935 when it worked the Elled seam. The manager then was W. Daniel.
In 1938 it was managed by W.J. Buck who employed 66 men underground and 14 men on the surface, Mr. Buck was still the manager in 1945 when it employed 63 men.

It was closed after Nationalisation on the 21st June 1947.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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