Abersychan, Afan Lwyd Valley

This was a small level (SO 266028) that was recorded as early as 1843 and owned in 1888 by E. Phelps when it is listed as abandoned. In 1889 it was owned by the Golynos Colliery Company which closed it in 1890. Benezer Phelps was back as the owner in 1892 to 1895 it employed 4 men in 1894 when it worked the Rock (Black) vein.

The PENTWYN SLOPE (SO 264028) was worked for house and manufacturing coals when it worked the Old Coal seam between 1894 and 1910. For steam coals from the Meadow Vein 191 to 1918, and for housecoal from the Old Coal from 1919 to 1923. It also worked fireclay in 1920. Opened in 1892, in 1893 ownership of the Pentwyn Slope was transferred from D. Buck to Jabez Gregory of Abersychan and employed 4 men underground and 2 men on the surface working the Old Coal seam.

In 1899/1900/1901 the same owner employed just three men working the Old Coal seam. In 1902 it employed just one man, in 1902 no men were employed but in 1903 there were seven men working at this mine.

In 1907 it employed 7 men and in 1908 there were two, one employed 2 men and was owned by O. Richards of Cwmfrwdoer and the other was also called Snatchwood and also employed 2 men.

It was owned by AH and EJ Bailey. In 1911 it was worked by J. Gregory and Company of the Pentwyn Brickworks, Abersychan and employed 10 men while in 1912 it employed 4 men. This company was not a member of the Monmouthshire and South Wales Coal Owners Association. In 1918 Mr. Gregory’s was lying idle while the other was owned by J and W Jones of the Lime Works Abersychan and employed 2 men. In 1923 a Pentwyn Level was worked by the Pontnewydd Coal and Clay Company and employed 5 men working underground and one man at the surface of the mine. The manager was J.G. Brace, while the House Coal Association Limited also worked a Pentwyn in the Meadow Vein seam and employed three men in 1923. It was abandoned in 1923.

The PENTWYN No.2 (SO 264028) was worked the Meadow Vein and Three-quarter seam for house coal in 1922 by the House Coal Association Limited. It was abandoned in 1925.


Information supplied by Ray Lawrence and used here with his permission.

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